This is the second time in a row :(

I didn't get a squad pack the last time and didn't get either pack this time for participating in the Operation weekend :(  Anybody else having this problem?


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They haven't been released yet, relax.

Also, do you have "feedback" turned on?

They did say some time today..they have only just announced it was a patient

How do you turn on/off "feedback"?

It's been awhile, but you need to be at the main menu - "options", "settings" (?), then "online" - there is where you turn on feedback.


If anyone has better instructions, please chime in.


OK check.  Feedback On.  I didn't mean to sound impatient.  I was just used to these packs coming out on Tue. and thought it was set in stone.

well it still is Tuesday, for those of us in the UK, we are on GMT time, so despite it being 21:15pm here, in the US its 5/6 hours early so not even evening time yet


Packs will come if you have earned them

Where is this feedback?? I dont know what you guys are talking about? something I been missing since day1?? Squad Pack??

Feedback allows for the Mass Effect team to record the results of your online games...that way when the weekend challenges are launched, they can monitor how many times extractions take place to know if the challenge has passed.


thats why PS3 players didnt take part for months because Sony didnt allow for that information to be recorded and sent to EA

squad pkg = commendation pkg?/