this guys posting BF3 videos

UsamaFTW, thats his youtube user name


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Watched them, He is posting closed alpha PC videos. I want seem some xbox videos since thats what I will be playing on.

And he is witholding more videos of sniper and stuff till he gets more subs. Hes just doing the videos for more subs.

Are the video's form E3 Beta footage, Or is there early access for PC???

They are LEAKED Alpha build footage. When you sign in for access to the alpha there is a warning that your not even supposed to post Screens or videos (one guy was threatened with a lawsuit already for it). They make you agree that that can Penalize you for leaking anything like that. Of course, givent the multi-National nature of the internet actually tracking the guy down and getting it done accoriding to local law is another matter entirely but yeah.

Also, yes that is PC footage.

No doubt the game play will be much more refined by the time the finished product is released.

Its from the pc alpha of the game I have an invite but sadly with my computer specs I cant use it