This game sucks

Ha haha, jk I love it.


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im a decent/good alisa player!! but i do get mad at the game but not to the point where i curse people out :) so.. if you want to play me.. message me and ill see to play with some of you soon! :D yesss im a girl..

anyone want a game?

I'm game.....My Yoshi will cut you down so you can rest in pieces. ^ ^

i think damian marley knows me rainbow...jai...young35  HsI


If the boy sucks have u seen catfish? good   me neither!  never had ado b4 but some one had to pimp him n i dont pimp i PIMP. So Least we can all earn a lil bit back from this 5stone *** and Brother Shaqir can smoke schtoooon with BigG tonight and Eminems arn fella can get some sleep round here!!Peace Lei"