This game sucks

If it isnt some foreign players lagging the game its people rushing 2 minutes in or teammates quitting as the game starts for no reason. Got to also love the brigadier people and lower who rush and get 500 points. Good job at that rate you only need to do that 1,000+ more times.


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its a strategy game. outwit outlast outplay. grab a turret, mass units, or do something.

Here's a tip on how to DECREASE the frustration of dealing with quitters. Play "Deathmatch 2v2". These people are much less likely to quit. They are ruthlessly serious gamers. Also, if your teammate does quit, continue the game anyway if it isn't an obvious loss. You will LOVE the satisfaction you get when you successfully manhandle 2 opponents. See you there buddy.

Agree with GaussianFlaw on this one, when you can take one a handicapped game single handedly you feel like a true spartan...even if all you did was spam the prophets beams for the entire match

The game itself doesnt suck, but i do agree with OP.  This game is filled with noobs who think they´re good because they watched a rush video strategy on youtube. Or quitters who quit for no apparent reason. This game was good back when I first got it, but now it´s either rushers or quitters.

I've enjoyed playing this game, off and on, for years. I know the players quitting and people rushing  things is pretty crappy but there isn't anything better than when you get into a good match.

Jon5481, I completely agree. The campaign mode is great and the game overall is a great game but the multiplayer can suck if you cant get anyone to stay in the game and see it through. Everyone wants to have the upper hand and most of the noobs want to try to rush you. As soon as you destroy their rush attack force, they dont want to play anymore. If you manage to find someone that doesnt rush or quit, SEND THEM A FRIEND REQUEST because you just found a rare player. I am not a fan of shooters but I love RTS games. I had never played ANY Halo game before and to this day, I have only played Halo Reach. Halo fans may or may not like this game but coming from a true fan of RTS games in general, this is one of the best RTS games I have ever played. I put it right up there with Red Alert, Starcraft and Warcraft (Warcraft was originally a RTS series). My only complaint is that they never made a sequel

I love the game but hate when the enemies quit when they see the ranks of the players on their team. I can't even count how many times i have to search for a game where someone does not quit, go away, or disconnect from the game. Like someone else said play 2v2 i find people quit less compared to 3v3.

There's nothing wrong with "rushing."  Halo Wars is at its best when both teams are actively trying to make the other team lose form the very beginning.  That's where the real intense, epic battles take place.  

If you don't like "rushers" my advice to you is to start emulating these strategies you have a problem with.  Eventually you'll begin to learn how to actually play Halo Wars, and you'll find that when both teams are "rushing" the games are way more fun and interesting than doing nothing for 20 minutes every game as you build an army.

The game just didn't age well.  It is fun in single player but I felt it has plenty of limitations online and many scrutinizing RTS players are probably primarily playing PC RTS games (myself included).  With a diminished population you will see stuff like what the OP mentioned, making it harder and harder to find good games.  If you are generally concerned about better quality of multiplayer games you may want to pick up a different RTS that isn't on console or find a dedicated group of buddies to play with.  Even in popular games playing with friends is often more fun.


But yes, people have said it is easier to get to General by rushing, and because of that rushing seems almost encouraged rather than just "an option."  Of course rushing exists in every RTS and part of increasing your skills is overcoming them but it gets boring when it is almost always expected.  I also found when playing online way back that the late game seemed to encourage monotonous tactics of either leader-heavy strategies or super unit spams because it ends up being the most viable option.  All strategy games have the capacity for rushes, annoying tactics, etc. but when the game design encourages it, and you do not like dealing with it, the game may just not be for you.

Best online halo war in 2009 - 2011 brilliant war same time 3vs3  but now 2012 - now crap few people and quit alot.