This game is the best

I have to say after playing Halo 4 for awhile it is the best Halo . I did not like it at first but once you get used to it you see that 343 dd a awesome job without changing too much like Reach they made Halo 4 feel more like Halo 3 . I never thought Halo could be fun again after Reach MP . Halo Reach got boring after like week it came out . Halo 4 just feels so fresh and it is really starting to be better than Halo 3 . I still love Halo 3 and reach but I like 4 much moreWhat do you think ?


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I don't feel it is anything like Halo 3. That said I agree it is a fresh direction for Halo that I rather enjoy :).

Nothing like halo 3 but fresh definitely

I never said it was like halo 3 all I said is it feels more like halo 3 than Halo Reach is . Halo 4 is more smooth and has faster gameplay than reach .

Not being able to sprint in Halo 3 makes it hard for me to go back to that game even for nostalgic purposes.

Halo 4 has brought back my love for the Halo franchise. Halo 3: ODST was okay but didn't need to be made and Halo: Reach had the worst MP in the franchise, but Halo 4 is a solid game all around. I still haven't decided if I prefer it over Halo 3, but it's definitely a great game.

I like it.

Yeah I know sprinting in Halo 4 is very good . It is so much better than it is in Reach .

I will always think, no matter what, that halo 2 is the best. But Halo 4 is a very good game. I am happy with how 343 did with this and am looking forward to playing it now and after all the dlc and playlist updates surface. It is indeed an amazing game.

I agree this is easily THE best Halo created by far.  You can tell they truly put their heart and soul into this game. Plus this is only the beginning, they are constantly making improvements. The only 1 thing I wanted was to have the visible trueskill ranks from H2 and H3.  So once they add the visible trueskill rank from H2 and H3 for each playlist, this multiplayer will be dang near perfection IMO.    Which has already been confirmed to be added. So I cant wait!!