This game is not enjoyable...

I love the Call of Duty series and I have bought every single one on release day since COD4.

But there is a serious need for an overhaul. Rather than be another "This is horible [sp]" threads, I'll get right to the sophisticated point...

1. Why is it, in 2011, I still have to play with idiots? If I normally shoot at a 1.3 KTD ratio, why am I the only one on my team with such a KTD ratio? Why is everyone else lower? Stop putting me on a team with IDIOTS. I cannot stand knowing I'm going to lose halfway in because my teammates can't get a kill, run out like morons, or just plain suck. As long as you keep doing this, don't punish me for leaving in the middle. I don't deserve the 10-15 ratio because of a team full of idiots that can't cover the team.

2. Why is it, in 2011, I am still playing maps I don't want to play? If I hate it, I don't want to play it. Stop making it a pain to leave. Stop putting it in my playlist. Just stop already. Your maps aren't gold. They are a rusty copper.

3. Why is it that I come from Black Ops, which allows me to just buy what I want and play the game in enjoyment, to a game that limits my addons and perks based on experience level? This is not progress. This is going backwards.

4. Why is it, that my ratio in Black Ops TDM was 2.62, while in MW3 TDM, it's 1.36? That's a serious problem. Game engines can be different but not that different.

5. Why do I still get cut off when editing custom classes and the game starts. The loading wait can easily be filled by the ability to continue customizing classes.

6. Most importantly, stop testing the game out with a basement full of virgins in your development headquarters. If anyone has read Engadget over time, they will realize that they are pretty much a bunch of know-nothing entry levels that have never worked a day in their life in the real world. Yet, they publish articles on technology daily as if they were more than just losers with opinions. Stop benchmarking whether or not the game is good because of what your inner circle of friends says. If I was beta testing this game and people were paying attention to my opinion, I would be yelling at the developers at this point. No one gets it. You do NOT know what everyone wants. Poll it and figure it out. Don't go the way of Halo and listen to your inner team and 8 year olds to develop the next game.


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Haha, I brought up Engadget because COD is done the same way. You can't just base articles/games on what your friends think. Despite your belief, you're NOT representative of the public. Certainly not the side of the public with a brain.

I'd honestly love to do what you did, but with a child sleeping 9 feet away from my Xbox and the fact that they eventually stop playing the game for the same reasons, it's not that easy.

I understand your anger. Since I've started playing exclusively with friends in MW3, I've enjoyed online play so much more. It's way less frustrating. The few times I've gone, say, 24-3 in TDM, while all my other team mates finished negative, was enough for me to play with nothing else but with people I KNOW can play the game well.