This game is decent.

After two days of playing time, I have come to the conclusion that this game is decent. It is not goo nor is it bad. Previous BF titles, I usually have a lot more play-time, at this point. I can’t seem to play for more than two hours.  I hope the Back to Karkland, “map-pack-thingy” will spark some more interest. If not, I am just going to stop playing BF3 when I reach rank 45. Your thoughts?


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Wait, are those maps available now?


Whatever floats your boat, capt.

What makes this game good and not great is the clunky set up time to get into the game and the idiotic way that you have to navigate to leave a lobby and join a new one.  The gameplay in HC is pretty solid, but the lighting is very dark in buildings and under trees.  Graphics are really not that great on the 360.  This game needs to be run with at least 32 players to work well on the big maps.  Vehicles are fun but flawed.  Nerfed to the point of useless.  I will not even get in one.  I do not fear tanks, jets or Heli's on the bigger maps because they pose little threat.  Tanks that have Prox. are my only worry.

IMO, vehicles should rule the battlefield, that is not the case in the games I play.  They are easy targets.  

Loads of problems but still leaps and bounds above any other multiplayer shooter.

Vehicles are useless? hmm..not sure you're playing with the right people.

This game is definitely the worst battlefield yet.

New maps are good,Big but plenty of action still,They have come at the right time when i was starting to get bored with the old ones.They have sparked new interest in the game for me again.