This game comes out in a month?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The beta/demo should drive interest towards the game.  It really looks like they took an awesome PC game and dumbed it down to make it work for consoles.  I am a COD fan but really wanted to like this.  Consider my prepurchase cancelled.  To be honest it looks like they tried to copy COD in some things to attract new buyers.  I really hope they don't disenfranchise their supporters and lose that business as well.  As far as a battlefield noob that really wanted to like the game, this beta makes me not want to gamble my $60.  Thank god for Gamefly.


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As much hate as there is for COD, the ultimate form of flattery is imitation and that what seems to be happening with all of these new games.  Perks in Resistance 3, fast paced gun play in Battlefield, killstreaks in Medal of Honor, create a class etc.  I am all for Battlefield being good, competition leads to better games and innovation.  This though doesn't seem like innovation, it seems like a half-way attempt to branch out to other niches rather than perfecting your own.

Beta build is 8 weeks olds, please gtfo.

I see where you're coming from. All in all the beta will probably drive more people away from BF3 than it will attract simply because how glitchy and unpolished it is. On the other hand the beta is a very old build of the game which DICE were forced to port forward (or have no beta at all) because of MS's overly complex and restrictive screening process for marketplace content which takes ages to go through. A bad first impression? Yes. Representative of final product? No.

The beta build is from June, so it is more buggy and with worse graphics and destruction than the retail game will be and almost certainly more than what has already been fixed but we can't play. As for the map and gameplay, the whole purpose of the beta is to stress test the servers so I imagine that they wanted to show as few features as possible in doing so, since it is not meant to give us an idea of the final product and there are some people who are trying to compete with the game.


As for cancelling your stuff. No one cares. It was not necessary to make a thread about it.

as Panda said previsouly;  

this is a horrbile representation of battlefield and any who do not know the series (and yes, there are going to be tons of noobs) this is not the best way to demo your product


A beta is not a demo.

Can you show us where anyone with any cred has said this build is 8 weeks old?  There are even some hopeful kids running around saying it is 6 months old.  All I have seen is one Dev. tweet that this is not the final build.   

Juust a thought.....   What if they put out a slightly lame beta on purpose....   If you preorder the game you get a bunch of extra stuff free...   If you cancel that preorder and then buy the game a week later you have to pay for the extra maps and what not...   If the game comes out and you then realize it rocks (which it will) and you buy it with out preorder it will cost you more money in the long run also making more $$$$$$ for EA..  And everyone knows EA is all about the $$$$...   This may be one of the most brilliant business moves in history....

[quote user="CDAT1AD"]

Actually if the build is only 8 weeks old as you say they should launch sometine in 2015 by the looks of it. Funny how today a guy at dice trashed BFBC2...said it was horrible. Well he should look at his beta build because BFBC2 ROCKS this POS. Also your political leanings just prove how emotionally stunted you are, as anyone with a brain knows liberalism is a mental disorder.


You don't understand how Game Development works, so please do keep your mouth shut about something your are ignorant about.

lol, really? what is my political leaning? I'm a 'liberal' because because I made the obivious funny?

Just proving the consensus the Conservatives lack proper reading comprehension and, of course, are bigots, thank you very much.

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