This game better have Pikes Peak

Just came back from the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2012, literally! It was my first time and the only other time I have heard of it was in Dirt 1.  I have to say Pikes Peak is without a doubt one of the best tracks out there world-wide.


So with that said, this game better have the Pikes Peak track; specially since it takes place in Colorado. 


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That would actually "peak" my interest in this game...but I wouldn't get my hopes up.  Pikes Peak seems a bit too hard-core and like too much of an "organized" racing event compared to the look and feel I've gotten from this game so far.


Of course, I could be wrong, but I would think if they were going to include it, we would have heard something about it by now, since that would be a pretty major feature as far as most race fans would be concerned.

I just realized that Pikes Peak is 100% paved more gravel and dirt...that makes me sad. :(

it does not have pikes peak

is there a list of locations somewhere?

I'd tend to think that it will be done similarly to how Midnight Club LA handled things...there may be street signs, and you'll get the general feel of being in Colorado, but I highly doubt the game will recreate any *actual* real-world roads with any degree of accuracy.

This game will not have Pikes Peak, they've already confirmed that. Further it was stated that there would be no dead end roads so that would automatically rule out Pikes Peak.

As it is, the game is looking very lacking in many areas. No police, no traffic signals, no online play except for friends that meet up in a 8 player lobby first, not very realistic roads, an overly small map. Sure it has great graphics and Forza car physics, but that alone is not enough to substain a game. It just looks like a limited NFS in Forza clothing.

There's a rally DLC pack coming so hopefully that will have Pikes Peak.