This game beat me!!!

I refuse to play Ghost Recon Future Soldier any more or any Ubisoft game, or any other Tom Clancy game, period! Between the lag switching, poor host connections, game hacking, and extremely poor controls which CAN'T BE CHANGED this is the last game I play from this franchise or this developer. Plus the fact that I'm playing people who are somewhere level 40+ while I'm at level 15 the amount of advantages is far beyond my level of experience. I am so upset while playing this game on multiplayer that I find myself controlling myself to not throw my controller at the tv. It's no fun for someone like me who is an older gamer, and one who continues to fat finger the right analog button to go from third to first person aiming while trying to kill an opponent.

I have let this game BEAT ME!!!!! And that is the biggest issue I have with this game, it has resorted me to being an angry, ticked off, high blood pressure shell of a person who doesn't let games get the best of him. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - you win, I lose. To GameStop you go when the store opens.


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Well considering you being 'older' and this game causing High Blood Pressure, I'd say you are making the right decision.  Problem though is perhaps you are taking a game or games too seriously.  Never should a source of entertainment get you so angry and frustrated but the most important lesson here is no one here cares.  Not being an A-hole but if it makes you feel better to vent here I guess it is a better solution than going into cardiac arrest over a video game, hopefully you make an appointment to see a doctor or two, both for some blood pressure pills and therapy.

Funny, taking the game too seriously is a major problem. It hes been a long time since this happen, but this time it did. No one caring, maybe. But at least to those people who don't take the time to post who are having somewhat of the same frustrations, at least they know their not alone. By the way, I'm not some gezzer gamer who has been around since the Gyromite was included with the NES, I played Pacman on the Atari 1300 for starters when it first came out. Also, this smoker doesn't see a doctor or take meds or have a mental problem which can't be cured by the Miller Brewing Company. lol

Stop raging just because you lack skill at this particular game.  People like you have ruined games by wanting everything to be this same cookie cutter experience.  

Go back and play your halo and gears and leave us to a game that actually requires skill not button mashing ability.

I am pretty bad at this game, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it less. I know that I am condtioned to BBC2 and BF3, so the third person part is taking some getting used to. I love the team work though, I played last night as an engineer; smoked out the objective which was being taken by the other team, threw down sensor grenades to mark them out and loads of points for it.

This game is more team focused than BF3 and I will stick with it as I am tired of FPS games. Looking for UK people to play with as well.

I'm an older gamer and I don't have a problem with this game.

I'll get an occasional laggy game from hell but nothing that backing out and finding another game couldn't fix.

Maybe play as an engineer in the background lending intel. It seems to me you're playing this game like every other shooter clone out there.

Sorry to hear, but for many of us the game is great!

lag-yes resolve the problem by joining a different server or game mode.

Poor host read above^

Lag switching read above.

Game hacking NONE what so ever just done a search in the normal well known places an theres none!

Controls- i agree.

Over all this game is great IMO an others are free to have there own opinion but when there to blinded by past run of the mill games to see what a great game this is then more fool them!

Not jumping on the COD hate wagon but it seems that most people who hate it are COD players or some other run an gun game lover.

I agree game is great hella fun

controls,lag,host issues, and other game issues like not being able to spawn and such need patched but good game overall so far

Okay, so I flew off the handle with my first post. Plus the trade-in value sucks at GameStop. Took some of your advice and started playing Engineer which seems to fit my playing style a little better. I still wish that there was a way to change the right analog button to something else other than switching from 3rd to 1st person, but I'll be wishing in one hand and number 2 in the other and see which one fills up first. I'm also noticing that a lot more guys are starting to become pretty dependent on the noob tube, but if you got it use it. I bought this game for the mp experience, haven't played much of the campaign.

I am a MW3 fan, pretty good at it too. Should take a play out of my COD book and play like I do there, provide intel on enemy movements and take out enemies with my RSASS when the situation presents itself.

Redacting my first post, find what works for you and have fun doing it. See you on the battlefield.

[quote user="xxJ0hNsh0ReTxx"]It's no fun for someone like me who is an older gamer,[/quote] Older gamer ? I bet I've got you beat. I turn 54 next month,and I've been playing since Pong came to the stores ! You ?

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