This forum is Dead

Ive been monitoring this one in particular for the past few days and have noticed that there is a big loss in contributors, I only really visit every now and then to either ask a question or for opinions on a subject. but last time i paid a visit about a month ago there were many more people here. 


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The update drove all of the interesting people away.

Id say it is the compatibilty issues with the other browsers, I can not sign in onto the forums with Opera. The forum structure is also all over the place, compared to what it was it is tricky to navigate, it took me a 15-20 minutes to find the section of the forums where I could post.

I am really hoping they have plans on fixing this garbage. I don't see why they wouldn't and just leave it like this for us to just tolerate.

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Another thread about the same....

[/quote]This is why things get dull around here.


Not even close. The cause is the broken forum that MS refuses to fix or even comment on. Most people gave up with this place and the community is worse for it. If MS would've fixed this forum in a timely manner then you'd have a point. How many months has it been now? How many more problems have come up since the downgrade? But sure, blame the customers who are unhappy with the product, not the faulty product itself. That's rational.

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You know, if you yourself helped contribute instead of posting a dumb topic like this in GAME DISCUSSION then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.


[/quote]Or perhaps instead of THIS he could try being helpful.

I mean it's not like for the past THREE AND A HALF MONTHS this board has served as the general discussion is it.

I mean it's not as if the Xbox General Discussion is a very recent edition and given the poor navigation they might not be aware of its existence.

No that couldn't be possible at all could it. Best just to be mouthy and insulting to people, that'll make people want to stay on the forum. 



No matter how many useful topics that one contributes to any specific forum the facts will remain the same...MS broke something that was fixed. I could post 10 topics a day about all things gaming but that wont fix the forums...will it?

Finally, the Rich Text Formatting is working again.

Yeah I used to visit these forums everyday but since the update this is the first time I've been here in at least 3 months.

@ Nameloi, yeah they messed the forums up pretty bad and yes xbox 360 has not been where it's at for quit some time now. In fact I've started playing some old classics recently because quite simply, they're the better games. Hopefully Gears 3 and Mass Effect 3 will bring back some of the shine.

It's zombified. It just kind of shambles around mumbling about framerate & DLC.

This is the first time I've checked these forums in months, the update killed this site for me too.

These forums used to be fun, until someone had the bright idea to fix something that wasn't broken.

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