This app is absolute garbage

Constant freezing every time I back out or even browse videos, video buffering is sometimes out of whack, can't play all videos for some odd reason. Good lord learn how to make an app or just don't bother even making one and putting it out there. Does my $60 a year go to a team of bums? I pay money for this, I expect it to work and I have a right to answers as to when this will get fixed since I have been a loyal customer since 2004.


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Right on, Bnet!!

I have a great solution to what your asking, and it is... uh oh...oh no...

** FREEZE **

Agreed Bnet.  

I'm going to use Youtube strictly on my PC, where I can get full 1080p HD Quality video, And use my AdBlocker to avoid the Ad Spam as well.    Not worth constantly freeze crashing my xbox after every video...