Third DLC Already!!

So I see the third installment of untold stories is out already, capcom seem to be pushing the dlc really quick, two pieces in one month! I wonder will there be more dlc after the 4th installment


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Hopefully! I simply can't get enough of this game.

The reason we're getting them in such quick succession is because all 4 DLC packs are already completed and have been for weeks.

We know this because all of the DLC is already on your consoles. That massive 15gb (I may be wrong on the size, been a while) update a few weeks ago was that large because it already has all 4 content packs in it.

That's why the downloads for each DLC pack is only 22mb each. They're unlock keys.

I don't know why Capcom chose to do it this way, as it forces players who don't want the DLC to have it take up space on their hard drive anyway.

Exactly what Mr XBob, technically you already have all four episodes sitting on your hard drive.  I'm not sure the exact reason for this approach.  The advantage might not even be on our end.  But as a software engineer, I know that it's less software part numbers for them to keep track of.