Things to put into multiplayer.

Im thinking that more varieties of necromorphs should be put into Dead Space 2s Multiplayer. There is only 5 Necromorph types in the multiplayer mode ( including the NPC Slashers ), to me and other players thats not enough. More Necromorphs should be added to multiplayer to make it more flexible. Don't just think you could just spawn as any necromorph your sort of going to have to "earn" it for some types. Here are the Necromorphs that should be put into multiplayer.



Normal Attack: Tail Whip

Specials: Can leap greater distances than the Pack can stick to walls like the Lurker

Execution: Jump and Attack

Spawn Time: 5 Seconds



Normal Attack: Slash

Specials: Can kill itself to release its deadly payload of Swarmers or 1 A.I Leaper ( Random )

Execution: Charge and Attack

Spawn Time: 7 Seconds



Normal Attack: Claw

Specials: Hold X to "Peak" Behind an object or corner, Attack Charge, Can Crouch

Execution: Quickly Press RS Right after Charging

Spawn Time: 8 Seconds


Necromorphs you have to earn by killing.


Earned by getting 15 Kills or the system will randomly select a player to be one in certain points of the game.

Normal Attack: Pound

Special: Spits Acid from its abdomen, Can "curl" into a ball to protect itself.

Spawn Time: None



Earned by getting 5 Kills. To plant it select it from the Necromorph selection menu and place it in the ground or walls. Can NOT be placed near human player spawns or near the humans themselves.

Normal Attack: Pustule Bomb

Spawn Time: None

Notes: This Necromorph acts like a Proximity Mine it will launch its Pustule Bomb when a Human Player gets close to it. It has only one use and can instantly kill any human player within the blast radius. It though can be killed by a human player shooting it . Be warned! The human player can catch the Pustule Bomb /w kenesis and use it against your team.



Earned by getting 5 Kills

Normal Attack: Bites

Special: Slow down

Spawn Time: Spawns on your selected necromorph.

Notes: The Swarmers when you spawn they will squirm and stick to your necromorph. You can order them to get off and attack the human players. When you die they will automaticly attack the human team. They can assist you when your preforming an execution. When they climb on a human player they will quickly drain its health and slow them down.



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probably for Dead Space 3 but no new content is planned for Dead Space 2.