Things That Would Keep The Game Cool

I will just make a list, and you can add more if you want, or say what to keep out.

1. Neon lights. whats a tuner without neon lights??

2. Basketball, bowling, (why did they take these away anyway?) volleyball

3. A casino would have been nice.

4. Hydraulics. So many moments where I could have been hoppin.

5. Car alarm. is this asking for too much?



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Import/Export SP, vigilante missions, sorry i've been old school since gta 3

Have to admit the fire engine side missions in GTA:SA were rather useful as the start of the game. $100k at the start of the game ;)

A "Cops N' Robbers" Free Roam. Not just a rehashed "Cops N'Robbers" gamemode. An entire free roam dedicated to Cops N' Robbers. The best way I can explain it is to type up "SA MP: or MTASA: Cops N' Robbers Server" on Google.


And before I get a "let it go, Legend" comment, there is actually a gamemode like this buried deep within R*'s game code. You'll have to find the links for it yourself though.

I agree actually, to be honest, it I would love to play cops and robbers with legit cop cars with sirens going on and everything. I also agree that the robber should have a car that is a tad bit slower than the cop car, but the handling can be up by a little, that makes for a realistic chase

The heist feature they promised...


don't care for the heist, but I do care for the extra apartments and garages.

heist is more of a lost promise in my book

^^How do you know ?

Heists are said to come this spring. Hope they keep their word this time.

They should have sports and gambling; horse racing, car racing, open up the LS Forum for various events, the race track and the casino. Also, the ability to lend and borrow money to and from players, running your own book and chasing bad debt bounties for yourself or other players.