Things that make yer go Hmmmmm!.....

Well after playing the multiplayer for a good few hours with bots the new gears makes go hmmm... A couple of pointers. Active reloads have been taken out of multiplayer ...hmmmm...but still have the active bar on yer weapon hud....hmmmmm Missing yer "active reload" jams's just like any other gears you say, well yes but this time the jamming animation is longer so your more vulnerable for longer...hmmmmm... Sawn Off reloads have been speeded up to Gnasher reload speed....hmmmm.. The chainsaw stun have been taken out..Now you can bullet sponge while in chainsaw mode...hmmmmm. Only 4 maps over the whole multiplayer modes..hmmmmm. Only 1 round in TDM - first to 50 kills wins.....hmmmmmm. Random respawns around the map in TDM. Gone have the respawns at the other end of the map or change overs..hmmmm Blindfire made more easier...hmmmmm. No frag plants ..hmmmmm... No double zoom on the Hammerburst plus the firing sound of the hammer burst has been changed (really sounds bad) ..hmmmmm. Dedicated servers ? Well let's hope so this time.....hmmmm

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you playing the game early.... hmmmmm

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downloaded from a torrent site. taking bets on how long it takes him to get banned.