Thieve's Guild bug/glitch- Attempting "One With the Shadows" fail

I am trying to get the "One With the Shadows" achievement but it almost seems impossible. Im a lvl 74 who has done nearly everything in the game with the exception of a few side quests, and maybe a few main quests that I just haven't stumbled upon yet. I have done everything the Thieves Guild asked of me, yet I havent recieved the "Darkness Returns" quest, the "Blindsighted" quest, nor the " Under New Management" quest, which I know is the final quest to become Thieves Guild Master. Brynjolf is by the marketplace in the center of Riften and only replys to me "Sorry lad, ive got important things to do, we'll speak another time". I thought maybe Karliah would trigger a quest but she is no where to be found. I cannot access Nightingale Hall, Irkngthand, or Twilight Sepulcher because the quests haven't been started. Ive done the 5 side missions in the 4 holds (Solitude, Markarth, Whiterun, Windhelm) from Vex & Delvin and completed the 4 Special Quests from Delvin. I do not want to restart my game progress seeing as numerous hours have been put in already, and for all I know i'd probobly end up getting the same glitches in the new game. Any thoughts or ideas on how I can recieve these Quests to obtain the One With the Shadows achievement?



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I have yet to get The Skeleton Key either, if that helps any..

I always thought that that achievement was when you get all the vendors back into the ratways for the guild. If it is, it takes a lot of side jobs to do. Otherwise, its been forever since I've gotten it, so I can't remember exactly.

I did get all the Vendors back into the Ratways from doing the side jobs from Vex & Delvin and completed the 4 Special jobs from Delvin. I've watched videos of other players playing these side missions and right after they complete the 4th Special Job assigned by Delvin, it shows that quest completed and instantly starts the quest "Under New Management". This does not happen in my case. Not sure if there's another quest like "Darkness Returns" or "Blindsighted" I needed to do first before getting the "Under New Management" quest. but I've looked for Karliah (missing), spoke with Brynjolf (no help) and gone to the locations where these Quests are located but nothing happened to trigger these quests . I have a save point right after Delvin gives me the 4th Special Job for Whiterun, so im still trying to find a solution.

USEP says, "Another possible fix is to get the quest about fixing debt from the guy at the Riften stables. The player will be told to talk to Sapphire. Instead, Sapphire should be sitting on the bridge just inside Riften and when approached will say "I don't have any business with you." or "We'll talk after the ceremony." Attack her 3 times, and this should cause her to start attacking the player notifying them that "Under New Management" has been completed and that the player should talk to Brynjolf. Upon entering The Ragged Flagon, the player will be required to pay 1000 gold to Vex as reparations for killing a fellow Thieves Guild member. After doing so, speak with Brynjolf and the questline should be completed."

I'd try that.

Thank you very much, I will try this out and post feedback on how it went. I had originally thought if maybe I attacked Brynjolf and lured him through the Ratways into the Ragged Flagon he would have different dialogue once there, but found it complicated when the whole town of Riften began to attack Brynjolf with me. Hardest achievement ive ever tried to obtain.

I tried this out and I believe I may have already done this quest previously, but I'm not positive. No one at the Stables gave me a job like that. I looked around Riften too see if Saphire may have even been around the town but she wasn't. I am lvl 74 and have played ALOT of missions, its just hard telling which quest leads to other quests. I really don't know what I am missing to get this achievement...

When in doubt, go to the wiki to see what it says about the quests in the thieves guild. There you will find a list of all the quests from the thieves guild in order. Check your journal to see which are finished or still open. The quests you mentioned can not be done if you haven't done any of the quests which would lead to getting the skeleton key. Since you did the side quests, you clearly joined the thieves guild but since Brynjolf won't speak to you then I suspect you never did the first job he gave you when you joined A Chance Arrangement.


Primary Quests

The primary Thieves Guild questline consists of twelve quests. Three achievements (50 points; 2 Bronze and 1 Silver) are unlocked by the guild's quests.

A Chance Arrangement: Help teach a merchant to mind his own business.

Taking Care of Business: Help Brynjolf collect some debts for the Thieves Guild. (SR-achievement-Taking Care of Business.png 10 pts/Bronze)

Loud and Clear: Send a message to a former Thieves Guild client.

Dampened Spirits: Put Maven Black-Briar's competition out of business. †

Scoundrel's Folly: Squeeze a reluctant informer for information. †

Speaking With Silence: Track down the Dunmer behind the Guild's misfortunes.

Hard Answers: Help translate Gallus's journal. †

The Pursuit: Break into Mercer Frey's house and search for clues.

Trinity Restored: Become one of the Nightingales, Nocturnal's guardians.

Blindsighted: Stop Mercer Frey.

Darkness Returns: Walk the Pilgrim's Path and return the Skeleton Key to its rightful place. (SR-achievement-Darkness Returns.png 10 pts/Bronze)

Under New Management: Become the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. (SR-achievement-One with the Shadows.png 30 pts/Silver)

Don't get on my case, Bob, about the wiki reference. The OP clearly needs to know how the quests line is arranged since the end quests can't be done before the beginning ones and side quests only count towards returning the guild to its former glory and not becoming guildmaster. I became guildmaster without ever doing more than a few sidequests and I never returned the guild to its former glory.

Ok I have reached success! Wiki helped out with everything I basically needed. During my gameplay in Skyrim, I wanted to obtain the glass sword Chillrend. When getting Chillrend I didn't know I would also pick up something that would cause the bug in the game for The Theives Guild. I had picked up Mercer's Plans before I completed Hard Answers then proceeded with the quest. The quest "The Pursuit" comes after Hard Answers but with Mercer's Plans in your inventory, and completing Hard Answers this causes the next mission to glitch seeing as Mercer's Plans are involved with the following quest. Thanks for the wiki reference, helped me tremendously!

You're welcome. I know many think of the wiki as a crutch but I get impatient when I don't know an answer and l want it, instantly. The wiki helps.

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