thief graphics comparison

i think it looks the best on xbox one. the other version's (xbox 360, ps3, ps4, pc) have a white haze that makes the game not look too good. the xbox one does not have this white haze. everything looks more natural. the wood looks more like wood for example. does anybody else notice the white haze on the other versions of the game? 


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The white haze? Those are atmospheric effects for mist, fog and light haze when in-doors.

it is darker on xbox one, and maybe slightly sharper(?), but it's much too close a call that it really doesn't matter which next gen version you get between pc, ps4, and xbone it'll be gorgeous. i suppose the 360 looks better than ps3, though it's hard to be excited about that when you've got the next gen to oggle at.

Looks pretty good on the X1 to me. And so far, that's the only nice thing I have to say about it.

i think it just looks better on xbox one. xbox one has light effects as well. it just seems the other versions have a white filter on them.

They all look good to me. I think people worry too much about graphics. Some 360 games look better than some X1 games. Does that make them better? No. It's all about da gameplay, brah.

Some 360 games look better than some XBox ONE games now... and only because of "Thief".

Ugliest game on the XBox ONE.

I'm enjoying playing it but graphically it sticks out like a sore thumb and looks out of place on the ONE.

It looks alright I guess, its definitely not keeping up with Tomb Raider or Ryse though haha.

Graphics arent what you should worry about on this game though, its everything else :P

If you look real closely you'll notice the missing pixel in the upper left quadrant.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

to azrael008uk, the game looks good to me. my HDTV is 1080i, so the games at 720p on my HDTV. is yours 1080p? the game is suppose to run at 900p on 1080p HDTV's. maybe it looks better on 720p than 900p.

1080p technically though it might be upscalled to 1920p.

What sticks out is that you can tell it was originally designed for last gen.

"Assassin's Creed" has the same problem until you get into the main story and stop looking at people's faces.

Even my wife stopped to comment and ask "what's wrong with their faces" when she saw me playing "Black Flag".  What's wrong is that they're last gen character models in a next gen game.

When you consider how they lifted the bar for "rinse and repeat" titles like "Fifa" and "Need For Speed" then I expected better of "Thief".

Just lacks the graphical polish that's prevalent in every other ONE game.

Sometimes it looks like they made an effort but it's not consistent.  That being said it has kept me interested in playing though.

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