They're going to fix Rubber Banding...

"Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance, so we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience."  Link

Over half a year and they're only admitting this now, likely to do with private servers being released, and I bet they would have just released them without fixing the servers had they a chance - that would be too blatent even for a company like EA.


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Rentals are coming? They said this? Guess its time to trade this back, when is something good coming out?

OMG I cant wait for rentals!! Finally get to PLAY a real match, a nice LONG 90 minute match on metro 2014 or Gulf of Oman!!

hooray rentals!

yet another layer of DOOSHbags honest players have to deal with

it's a DOOSH layer cake man, DICE at the bottom, EA on the second layer, XBL on the third and frosted with delicious DOOSHbag, lowlife players on a power trip

-everyone have a bite now

Ill quote EAs official line in early March....

"Indeed, it is coming. I'm afraid we don't have any information on this quite yet, but it is coming soon!"

Looking forward to long matches too, that is if they actually fix the constant 64 player server lag.

well its early April an I hope soon is SOON, I like CHOICE!!

Rental servers are coming and I cant wait for this, also they are fixing the rubberbanding issue. You can join the DICE test servers right now and see that their is no lag on them