They told me I couldn't have a big build on Xbox Minecraft. All I was able to make was this stupid fishbowl.

Gallery of the whole thing, Inside and out. 


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Holy crap!! This is seriously one of the coolest things I've seen, nice job! How long did it take??

That is really cool! Must of took forever!

Good thing you got it done now as the duplication glitch will be fixed soon. I would like to see creative mode available just for this reason. It definitely has it's place. That bowl is awesome though.

It looks awesome!

Holy beep, u wanna give me a tour at some point?

Looks sick. good idea.

Anyway you can post the actual pic on here?  Or maybe use a link to photo bucket?  I'm not able to open the page.

It's over 9000!!!

Looks awesome. (If you don't want the letters on the signs for the side of your couches put a space then hit done.)

Thanks for the props fellas! Anyone is welcomed to send me a friend invite and come take a tour. It did indeed take awhile but it would have been shortened greatly had I realized that if you crouch if prevents you from falling off and enables you to be able to lay blocks horizontally with tremendous ease. As for them fixing the dup, all you gotta do is delete your cache, plug in a second controller and refuse the update you just deleted. Dup everything you need while you are offline and then reinstall the update. This trick got me through Oblivion. :)