they tell me

fifa13,ULT; wont let me access, it started 4weeks ago. i contacted 'ea'. .they replied, >we are aware of the problem. ~i thought   'good'.. at least. i cud stop reinstalling profile, etc etc.. 2weeks l8ter ,its still not working. i contact 'ea' again, but they tell they r fixing it. i ask "how long?"..  the reply is " how longs a piece of string.. so i leave it for 2weeks ..   suprise,suprise" IT AINT WORKING". But when i contacted 'ea' ,, they now tell me, my  gametag is corrupted, or no more ult13 4 me,and they say , it cant be fixed, and sent me  a list of 4games 3yrs old, i have 2 of them  already, and i do not want to play the Sims,.. ffs.. This is my main compaint, when  'Ult13' came out, i spent far to much building my team. i would  say way north of $1200. but i was happy, my team was in the worlds top hundred fut club, i was offered £1045, on ebay in 2013. also i,d never been as popular= over 800friendship requests. i had alot of fun with it. but i would like it if some1 could explain, the actual problem i am having. plus  does any1 have any insight  into this... ..... ps, I did think 'ea' , would have realised this before making such a unfair offer.. "ANY1 HELP!!!!


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