They Lied! But its a good lie :D (First part no spoilers)

They said it would add 10-12 hours of gameplay.  I have been playing Dawnguard for 18 hours purely and i am still not done with the vampire Questline!

Heresy!  Its Longer then 10-12 hours!  Its MUCH Longer! 

Anyways, Possible Spoilers below:

Arvak is amazing.  Took me awhile to find him (Arvak randomy spawning didn't help, tried to follow him)

Beware Shadowmere, someone new has taken my love to a single horse.

Serana is AMAZING.  I actually feel like I am getting to know her and that she has emotion.  Totally marrying her if I can  xD

I have a crossbow and ammo still.....but tahts because I use magic  :3

Anyways, yeah.  Comments about the time, or just here to fanpost about Dawnguard.  Post Below.  But please remain positive  :3


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I thought they said 10-20 hours of gameplay, but that only includes the main story.

Can't marry her currently, but, people at the bethesda forums are begging for it.


They should allow it.  She is the only person they have ever gone great detail into.  Hell, she has more detail then you do.


I am still no where near done.  I know for a fact is longer!   They lied to us!  Lied!!!!