these maps are horrible

first off, they are way to small.  been spawn killed at a real high rate.   Now i wish they can open up buildings to gain access to windows.  To me, this game is nothing but running arounf until u find someone in the street, and u duel it out like the Wild West.  There is absolutely no flanking positons, no sniping spots.


And no i dont want buildings open so i can "camp", but getting higher ground is a huge advantage and is seen in all war scenarios


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They just need to fix the spawning. I've died too many times 5 seconds after spawning. That is way too fast. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Waaaaa!  They're too small!

I find them enjoyable.  Close quarter combat is my favorite.  Kill Confirmed is an ideal mode for these small maps.

if you think this is bad try playing team death match on battlefield 3

They're not small  - think of Vacant and Scrapyard in MW2.  The problem isn't that they are small, its that they are full of junk.

[quote user="LiveJOKER ACE"]

if you think this is bad try playing team death match on battlefield 3


TDM is garbage, but no one plays it. SDM isn't bad, but the vast majority of BF3 players (like 95% at least) play Conquest or Rush.

At least 95% of Battlefield players could be discussing Modern Warfare 3.

I am not having a problem learning the maps or getting around them in tdm or whatever. I like this game a lot. Haven't played all the maps yet but I like em so far.

I enjoyed all the maps except one I dont really know yet. The maps are good, the spawns are terrible.