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I need to unlock a few more achievements on Fable II. Unfortunately, an angry ex boyfriend deleted my gamertag last year, and I recovered it on a friends system, but lost all of my saved game data. I just need to enter your world, witness these events, and then I'll be done. I figured this would be much easier rather than playing through the entire game all over again. If you can only help with one or two, that is perfectly fine. 

My GT is LadyPhoenix74: Please send a message with your friend request! 

I need the following:

The Teaser - Make the bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion...during combat!

The Gambler - A Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tired each game at least once

The Black Knight - Shoot the weapons from a hollow man's hand, blow off his head, and then kill him for good

The Duelist - String together a full speed chain attack, or see another hero do so

The Completionist - Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another hero do so. 

The Multiplicator - Achieve a multiple of 10 or more in the Coliseum or see another Hero do so.

The Combatant - Defeat the necromancer in the Colosseum or see another Hero do so.

The Fowl Player - Dress as a chicken and kick five chickens during the Colosseum battles or see another Hero do so. 

The Colourist - Collect the dyes hidden in Murgos magical items or see another Hero do so. 


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I'll help, but I don't have a completed game, we could work together for those achievements.