These are modders and they ruined my game.

I came across a few modders yesterday and I wanted to report them here in hopes of a microsoft employee seeing this post and banning them. They are using modded classes and they always play. i cannot find a lobby without running into one of these two. They have mods for "transformers War for Cybertron". They ruined a great game.  

Please ban these people or suspend them from playing the game or do something because I'm not playing untill they are punished for this.


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You aren't allowed to name and shame on the forum as per the forum guidelines

You need to report them on your console, that is the only way to get the attention of the Enforcement Team.

sooooo sorry, i didn't know

i was told top report them on the forums so i assumed that microsoft would need the info. i'm soo sorry

Yeah support tells people to report on the forums which is against the posting rules.  Who knows why MS can't tell their support staff the correct procedures.  We aren't being hard on ya, just giving you a heads up.

As the others have said, the only place to report this type of activity is on the console. My concern is how many people post this type of thing here and say that MS staff told them to!!  Come on MS, have your people tell users the PROPER way to report these things.