Thermal Clips to return

From Christina Norman's twitter: "we are continuing to use thermal clips in me3, there will be other changes to weapons but no me1-style regenerating ammo"


Not really surprised that they will be sticking with thermal clips from ME 2 and not "regenerating ammo" like in ME 1.  I personally hate the entire concept of the thermal clips, and would have wished they would make a hybrid system of ME 1's setup with ME 2's, but doesn't look like that will happen.  I'll be interested to see though what other changes to weapons they have in mind, the thermal clip system needs some improvement if they are going to keep it in my opinion.


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Thermal clips have never bothered me, they force me to smarter with my weapons, didn't really mind the old system either kept me from spamming fire with my assault rifle all the time.

Which is why I would've preferred that they implement a hybrid system of the two to appease everyone haha.

I liked ME 1's system much more because I didn't have to spend part of the mission simply picking up "scattered" thermal clips throughout the map making it feel like yet another shooter, yes I know Mass Effect's combat system is built around a TPS, and the entire thermal clip process doesn't even coincide with the codex either at least not how it was in ME 1.

While yes once you got the right upgrades and better weapons you pretty much never had to let go of the trigger and your weapons would never overheat in ME 1 making it seem overpowered, but I didn't find that to be a issue that needed fixing and thus result in this thermal clip idea. It took a ways into the game before any of those upgrades/higher tiered weapons could be purchased/found anyhow so logical progression of upgrading and improving your weapons stats followed in line with the RPG aspects ME 1 had whereas ME 2 doesn't.

I know quite a few people didn't have any issues with the thermal clip system, but I also know quite a few people didn't have an issue with ME 1's system either. I think someone else on the old forums had presented a good idea for a hybrid of the two and I think it was Schuey? I don't remember but that was the best possible idea of merging both systems together to make ME 3's system superb in function and something that actually falls in line with the codex, a.k.a. the Mass Effect bible lol.

F**K! [2]

I really don't like the thermal clip retcon they did. Hopefully its better in ME3 than ME2.

I can't say witch I preferred. I enjoyed aspects of both systems.

Well Cryptic knows my thoughts on this so really no need for me to comment further other than to say how much this news saddens me.

*pouty face*

I completely agree with the OP. The thermal clips didn't make much sense to me in terms of the game world's technology.

A combination of both games would be the best move.

If I run out of thermal clips, I can't shoot anymore. Why? Wouldn't my gun eventually cool down? It's not going to stay overheated forever?

Why not have a long cooldown on weapons after you run out of thermal clips? Best of both worlds!

If the TC are staying, they should implement a system in which we could switch TC between guns (since they're "universal") on the fly, buy them at shops and recharge them at the Normandy just like we did medigels and grenades back in ME.

Im also a supporter for the hybrid system as it will fit better in the ME lore...

Well they couldn't just go back to the overheating, that wouldn't fit in with the game lore.

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