There's something for the beta on week 5.

"UPCOMING EVENTS: Dec. 9 - Sep. 20 - Keep Your Beta Save Game," is what it says. Under that statement it says:






Any idea what's going on here? And the date is wrong as well for that matter.


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I think it's just a reminder to keep your save game as the retail version is probably going to pull the goodies you unlocked from there.

how do you keep your save game? like dont delete the beta off the hard drive?


Sooooo, those with the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm, don't have to worry about saving anything?! Since the beta is on the disk I guess we just make sure we don't sell the game?! Or is the beta part of our bulletstorm saved files?! (sorry if that was confusing)

The saved game content with carry over your beta unlockables to the retail game.

After four weeks of executions performed, medals awarded, skins unlocked, and enemies decimated, our time together in the Gears 3 Beta is coming to an end. The servers go dark at 2:00 AM PDT on Monday, May 16, after which you will be unable to connect to multiplayer matches. If you want to hang on to any of your retail unlocks earned during the Beta, please do not delete your Gears 3 Beta saved games—you can delete the Beta executable itself, but hang on to those saves! (Step-by-step details below.) Thanks again for playing, and we’ll see you again on September 20!

To delete the Gears 3 Beta but leave your saves intact:

   Go to the System Settings menu on your Xbox 360

   Select "Memory"

   Select "Games"

   Select the Gears of War 3 Beta (507MB) and delete it.

Will I need Bullet Storm or can I sell it.

you can sell it

sweet because I was going to sell it to get Gears 3