There needs to be more older people playing this.

Almost every game I run into I feel like I'm playing with others that are like 10 or 12. I'm 16 and since this is an M rated game, I would think that there would be more people older than me playing it. Of the millions of people online playing this, how come most of them are really young?


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Alot of younger kids always pick up the games a year or two after release. I guess their parents only like paying 20-30 bucks for an older COD.

you wanna play fifa 12 theres tons of kids on it..everytime i lose they send me a message..something like...ner ner..hahaha..2-0 your sh*t..think yourself lucky.

they are busy with their jay-oh-bee.

@orion796 I have it for PC

very true we dont like it when the kids are playing gets annoying we want older players if they talk cival and be polite then we have a good laugh and chat we mainly play gone 9pm as its better at that time of night cod4 mans game LOL no not really thats where all the 12 year olds play it and the cheaters etc

and alot of women play the game as well no games are "mans" games

we play cod 4 mw2 and black ops now all 3 are full of alot of idiots especially cod4 which is where the cheaters and sniper idiots who sit in one spot to shoot people play

Eh. Same with most Call of Duty titles. It's inevitable.

MW2 brings out the worst in me hence the reason I normally mute myself to stop the involuntary swear words flooding the channel. However, if I hear any one who is

1) Sounds like a young kid

2) Starts rapping

3) Starts singing

4) Sounds foreign

They get muted immediately.

Most older players don't have as much free time as younger players. We have Jobs, stuff to do, wives, girlfriends....etc...etc.

I usually only have one of two hours a week I can fit in playing. Sometimes I'll get a weekend to myself.

Well in the next few years they'll probably make parents sign a petition for a game

I've been playing this a bit lately ...... taking a break from blops and getting the feel of it again for when mw3 comes out, ..........

And I have noticed the crowd seems much younger than bo

But then again ........ I agree that older people dont use mics as much. I only use it when necessary. I seldom use it to just carry on a conversation unless I'm in with friends.

what I find annoying, any age are the people who start talking about whether others have mics or not, why they arent talking... complaining that team games need communication .... blah, blah blah ...... I get that, so shut up until you have something useful to say. It doesnt help calling out positions etc, when trying to compete with someone like that for attention

I seldom mute people though ...... I do find it amusing listening to some people. . even the annoying ones.


But anyhow ... agewise, it could be the times of day that you are on too. If you are 16 you probably are online the same times as the younger crowd.   I usually get on either early afternoon or late night when most of the kids are in bed or school.

I can pretty much count on at 3:30 in the afternoon till 10 or 11 at night, all the schoolkids get home, my connection drops and the game just isnt as much fun.

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