There isn't a turn time limit in multiplayer online? Really!?

It's an unfortunate truth that online people act in ways that they wouldn't in real life.  If you pay attention to any game that you play competitively online you will notice that steps have been taken in order to prevent unscrupulous people from "griefing" those that just want to play as intended.  It appears that something slipped through QA on Magic 2012.  As I write this post I'm in the middle of a duel online.  It's my opponent's main phase, he's at 6 life with 1 land and no other permanents in play.  I'm at 10 life with Ulamog a ton of land and another creature in play.  Seems pretty certain that I'll win, right? Well I guess my opponent though so because he refuses to move past his main phase.  It's been at least 15 minutes now and here we sit without the game having moved a bit.  

I can verify that nothing is frozen, I can still select cards and zoom in on them, pull up menus, even hit the guide button and use the functions there.  Right above the grey bar with the current phase in it there is a white bar that slowly depleted, which I assumed was a turn timer.  Once it depleted though it refilled and nothing has happened.

Will this issue be addressed soon? It's rather unfortunate that poor sportsmanship is causing a need for the game to be "corrected", but alas you can't control other people.


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It has to be a glitch or bug, but sometimes the bar doesn't move, i have had that happen a few times.

It's either a bug or the other connection is really poor.

yea i am having that happen right now and im not even on a ranked match. i have 27 health and 5 creatures on the table. he has 1 health with 1 creature 8 unused land and 3 cards in hand. i can move around the table looking at my cards as well and so i know the game didnt freeze and its been about 10-15 mins. its not ranked so i guess that i can leave and take the loss but it still annoys me greatly

Fortunately this occurance hasn't reached epidemic status.  Just leave bad feedback and hope you don't meet the player again in the future.  I have had good luck missing these types of players, I hope it continues.   I don't know why, but losing at this game is a tremendous let-down.  Even when I lose, sending the player a "gg" message or something brief to congradulate them is always well received and usually makes losing easier to bear.  Hope those grudge players ruining the experience read this and take the advice.   game on.