There is no problem with the Sawed-off

Yes, I said it.




I know there are 10 million discussions out there talking about this, but give it some thought. The Sawed-off has almost no range, while all the other guns do, including the Gnasher. It also has only one shot.  You can easily stop some guy charging at you with this gun by shooting him with a Lancer, Hammerburst or just about any other gun in the game. Take a few steps back, and let 'er rip. Unless you get blown away by some other guy, you should have no problem taking any of these guys down.


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People have to have something to complain about this awesome game, right? Just let them cry on here all they want about the SO. It can't be nerfed and it won't be taken out so I don't know why they even say anything.

Here is what I don't understand.  I played very little on the MP of Gears 2, due to the fact that everyone, except me and my noobishness, was using the Gnasher, as it was the most effective way to turn your opponent into meat pudding.  I was then left with 2 options, either adapt to playing with, and against the Gnasher, or stop playing Multiplayer.  Now, in the 3rd game, the Gnasher has been replaced by the SOS as the weapon for the easiest way to turn your opponent from a solid to a liquid, and all of a sudden people are up in arms about 1 weapon being better than all the rest, even though this is exactly the way it was in the other games.  1 weapon is always more dominant, especially in the hands of the right individual.  It's also available to everyone right from the start, so, everyone gets to use one.  It seems to me, and this is purely speculation, that the people complaining about the SOS are really only complaining because someone like me, a pure MP noob can now actually, sort of, barely, compete against them due to blind luck.  I am guessing the SOS is here to stay, and I am fine with it.  Everyone has the same options as I do, either use it, learn to counter it, or stop playing MP.  It really as simple as that.  

Not when you use it.

"Twin sawed-off barrels mean an extremely wide spread capable of taking down multiple targets in a single shot, but ZERO EFFECTIVENESS BEYOND MELEE RANGE." That is the actual description of the Sawed-Off Shotgun, and it's complete BS. The Sawed-off Shotgun has a much greater range than that description suggests. It has even been proven in multiple YouTube videos. If you haven't seen it already, check this video out... [View:] I don't mind keeping the Sawed-Off Shotgun in the game, and if I walk into someone with it I deserve to die, but it's range NEEDS to be reduced.

[quote user="rma316"]

I am fine with it. 


Of course you are. You're the exact type of person the weapon was created for.


And before you take that out of context, it's not an insult. It's the truth.


Still don't see what the big deal is with it.  Sure, it may not work exactly how the game describes it to work, and it may take zero effort to kill someone with it, but the fact still remains, in every other Gears multiplayer there were 2 types of players, those who used the Gnasher, and those who lost all the time.  It's the same now, though, to a lesser degree given that the other weapons will actually work against the SOS.  One weapon always dominates.  Always.  Just happens to be the SOS right now.

Reducing the range of the Sawed-Off Shotgun would still keep it a lethal close combat weapon, but would help reduce the amount of BS that goes along with it.

False, the Gnasher did NOT dominate in Gow1&2. It's the players who dominated with it. You ever use a Gow1 Lancer? It was almost as strong as the Retro Lancer, you seen the Gow1 Longshot? Actives would down you no matter where you shot the foe at, Gow1 Hammer? Infinite Ammo. It was not hard to kill people in Gow1&2 with weapons other than the Gnasher.

Gow 1 Gnasher was a beast

Its a much cheaper way to kill people and it annoys me to no end but I've channeled that into honing my skills with the gnasher to overcome the SOS users. The only times I use it are to tick off people who constantly camp and get no skill shots with the thing, and to work towards the medals. Its a part of the game and I won't go saying it needs to be removed but it does need a range reduction and I'll be happy.

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