Anyone else playing this yet?
I picked it up last night, havent had a chance to play much yet but so far it seems like a solid game.

What do you guys think so far?


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I didn't even know it came out already. I want to play it because it looks a lot like Dishonored, and yes I realize Dishonored is similar to the original theif game, correct?

I want to play it though.

I picked it up over a week ago. I've only played it once, but not because it wasn't good, but because I just haven't felt like gaming lately.


Visually it's a bit rough looking to me and some people tell me they "know what I mean" whereas others say "what are you talking about"?

However when it comes to gameplay it's pretty good and has been growing on me.

There if an early mission that seems very long and linear depending on how much spare time you have to play... but once you've done this and the side missions open up there seems to be a lot more variety.

I like that I feel like I've "earned it" when I pull of a successful heist.  The AI still has it's moments... there are still some obvious guard patterns... but that sort of stuff is less obvious in "Thief" wheras in previous stealth games it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Well I decided to dive in to the game tonight and I put a few hours in. So far it's a really good game. It has good controls and it feels good stealing things and getting away with it unnoticed.

So far I do not have any complaints.


I beat it yesterday. I enjoyed it.

It was alright.
Not going to lie though, I traded it in for Plants Vs Zombies and am enjoying that waaay more haha.

^^ Did you finish it at least?


Picked up a PC copy for about £18, which sadly I can't personally recommend as it's plagued with performance problems. The developers are in the middle of patching it, and to be fair have already improved average FPS by a bit, but it's still not very good.

As for the game itself, though, I'm 5 hours in and actually having a lot of fun. There's some problems, like questionable AI and a map layout that was seemingly designed by somebody smoking some real good stuff, but the actual stealth mechanics feel nicely satisfying. Stealing a money purse right off a guard feels great, as does slipping through a building a snagging every valuable in sight. Garret's animations make it all feel really tactile, and so stealing becomes addictive, if a bit on the repetitive side.

All in all, I'd recommend it. a Solid 3/5 thus far, but I'll see how it goes :D

Watching the end credits roll on Thief right now. Honestly, I couldn't get in to it. I couldn't play it for long sittings. I'd have to take breaks and go watch some TV or anime or something. I admit, it got pretty interesting in the last few story missions. But over all I think it was kinda boring. And the ending was rather anticlimactic as well.

The game is okay but they ruined it with the map. They want you to replay missions but they don't show you where the missions did start in the game so you have to have a good memory or you are stuck trying to find them again . TTG internet do exist.

The combat is awful, yea, focus make the combat easier but still not enjoyable like in previous Thief games.

I wasn't expected a good story but i was expecting great loot to steal and find but the only mission that i did find good for a Thief was the Bank Heist the others were just fetch quest.

The best way to play it to have a challenge is without focus , no civil kills and a few others customs .

I really wanted to give it a 3rd playthrough to try the no kills achievements but i couldn't stand the poor map.  

I hated how the bios whereonly  visible only at the app to know more about the chars . That is something that should be in game but this is getting worst every day in games.

I just stopped palying it to play SP sOt AND NOT REGRET IT.

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