The Yellow so called RARES

well for me these are 10 a penny ,so much so im just breaking them down for materials apart from the odd time i come across one that has better stats than my current legendary ill use it.

 But yeah i wouldnt say these yellows are rare at all im on hell act 2 and these yellows are by far the most common drop in my game,also the legendarys im getting i always seem to get the exact same one again just a few levels higher anyone else find this too?


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yeah, can happen if u farm the same spot over and over. and if u think ur having junk rares, try the pc version. 8 months str8 of playing and I found 1 rare item worth anything. that's abt 100k useless rare items...

havent started farming at all yet running thru the story on all modes first before i start to farm

If an item is "Rare" or Yellow labeled, I will sell if it (is of no use to my character or Follower) if it is worth a lot. Otherwise, for low level items that are rare, but not too much money, I will break them down/salvage the item to advance the blacksmithing options. Some of these items are laughably not rare, but as the game progresses, I have seen some good stuff come through (playing as the wizard).

Why sell the rares?  Why not salvage them all?  I'm level 36ish and have only sold maybe 10 things ever, and that was before I knew better.  To me, the salvaged parts are far more valuable than gold.  The only gold I've ever spent was on the staff of herding or training /crafting from the smith or jewel guys, and the stuff the smith crafts has been much better than anything I've seen for sale.