The XIM Edge and LIVE

So hey.

I've been playing around with the XIM Edge for a while now on my offline Xbox; got through The Demon King on SDLQuake, and I have to say this little gray box feels pretty great to use with my RAT 7 and Razer Lycosa. It's not quite one to one, but it makes me pretty comfortable with the idea of using an adaptor like this to get back into shooters on Live I suppose.

But there's the problem: where does the XIM Edge come into play with the Terms of Use and all that good jazz? Is using the XIM Edge on LIVE something I can reasonably do without expecting a ban, or should I stay away from using it with my online Xbox?

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There is nothing in the ToU or CoC that would be in violation if one is used. It is not an Officially Licensed Product but it is also nothing more than an Adapter (literally) for a "Mouse/ Keyboard" Simulator.

In short, it's an expensive peripheral that is doing nothing more than a Controller to begin with. It is a User's End Interface, not one of System Input.

Ive seen something posted on here before stating the opposite. KB/M setups are bannable if used ONLINE. Ill search and try to find it.

I don't think you would get banned from Live, but some devs might ban you from their games(if they can even tell).  I know a Treyarch employee said back in Blops 1 that they did not allow them.  

It is clearly a violation to use XIM as it gives the player an unfair advantage.  If you want to play PC games, get the game on PC and play against those ppl.  If you are going to play on Xbox, use the controller.  Below was cut and pasted from the account suspension forum.  Read the first reason the individual was suspended.

Your account was suspended for engaging in cheating. The conduct that caused this suspension may include, but is not limited to:

-   Utilizing unauthorized hardware/software/account modifications to gain an advantage or disrupt the competitive landscape of Xbox LIVE

-   Exploiting game vulnerabilities or glitches to gain an unfair competitive advantage

-   Network interference or manipulation

-   Intentionally playing with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods

To help avoid future account suspensions, please review the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use here:

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you can go into any department store and buy one, isn't it legal? I've seen Xbox 360 kb/m combos in store being sold in a handful of department stores, like Sams and Shopko.

I don't see how it's unfair. Some people are good with controllers, some people are good with KB/M. Everyone should be able to use what's right for them. I tried to play some games on Steam with a controller and none of them would work with it. I can't use KB/M very well because I've (like most of you) trained my thumbs for controlling videogames.

"Utilizing unauthorized hardware".  You can debate whether or not it should be legal all day long.  The fact is, it is not legal and if they catch you, they will suspend or ban you. If you are so bad with the controller, you should return your Xbox and play a PC game.  I have a BF3 server and I can instantly tell when someone is playing with XIM from their game play.  I ban them from the server.  As far as I am concerned it cheats everyone out of gaming on an even playing field.  Oh, and I also report them to Dice and Microsoft.  So game on...

There is where you're wrong. It says "unauthorized". If you can buy it in a store like SAMS or GameStop, it is authorized, just like how they sell some rapid fire controllers at GameStop. Now, I'm not sure what the XIM is, but I know I've seen kb&m set ups for the 360 being sold in stores. That is authorized.

Just because it is sold in a store DOES NOT make it authorized.  It must be authorized by Microsoft/Xbox.  It is not! Look at the forums where ppl are getting banned.

The only reason to have consoles is because there are few games which are not available on PC.

Eg: RDR or GTA V.

Consoles sucks otherwise. I hope no one ever plays on your BF3 server.

Pc gaming is always better than some consoles.

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