The Xbox Live Rebellion is looking for active , skilled , and brave Halo 4 players!


The Xbox Live Rebellion is a clan made up of those aged 10-21 , (Younger People are usually family exceptions etc) If you are annoying , your out. You see me and my friends Hoeys123 and a 5anvich lead this clan. We follow a code of conduct to keep order and use only good and non noobish weapons. (Sure we'll pick up a rocket launcher if we see one or so on)  We do this to shine some compliments on our clan.

     To join you obviously must have Halo 4 because thats our main game. No Call of Duty.  We play CTF and Big team battle , We don't always recruit . So try and join. You must be skilled in the basic 4 weapons (Magnum , **** Rifle , Plasma Pistol , Warthog gun turrent). We test all new members . We also are made up of four squads.

Alpha: My squad , best players in the clan , commited and good. Great in any situation and good at all of the weapons in the game.

Bravo: Mainly Veichles, You don't wait for them to spawn , but you get them when possible and if a veichle is full of squad members , protect it.

Charlie: Sharpshooters basicly, They also check the area for incoming enemies and eliminate them if possible.

Delta: New Blood. If you make the average on the four basic weapons training , Your put in here. It is not hard to get out this squad. You just need to prove yourself as worthy.

Ranking is based on commitment and skill. You have to be a active player to join aswell. (2-3 hourse online a day). We are not (excuse my language) **** . We don't hide from our enemies , we show them what a real player is . Never backing down . We also dont take followers. Meaning if you Say yolo or swag for example. If you do you wont be accepted.  By the way , prepare to be treated like a solider. This is a Role Play clan . Must have a mic (NO KINECT ONES) and be aged 10-21 , also need Gold membership.

To join e-mail your application to *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Answer these questions in your application . (Answer properly and professionally)

Your xbox live gametag:

What do you prefer to be called?

Where do you live? (Can be a state or country , no need to get to specific)

How old are you?

Why do you wanna join?

Why should we let you join?

Are you willing to be commited ?

Do you play Halo 4 often?

What area do you speacilize in? (Sharpshooter? Close Range? etc)

We will then , review your application and see if you meet  our standards. If you do ,  you will be tested by me or one of our clan members. If you suceed in the basic 4 weapons and prove average or better, we will then selected your squad accordingly. Also we will e-mail you our code of conduct , rankings , squads etc.

See you on the battlefield.



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