The WORST match I have played in my life...

So last night I was playing Gears of War 3 with 2 forums regulars iiM SO N1NJA and BAMJEBUS. We went in this Ranked TDM on Mercy which ended up taking like more than half an hour.

As ninja stated it was 'pitiful'.

The other team was camping sooo hard I was crying. They got boltok and controlled the morter.

We ended up doing the same becuase if we rushed we would have been screwed so each round (along with one stalemate) took 10 minutes. One game took 11:43 as the time stopped at 0 Sec. We lost 2-0...

It was just terrible.....


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That sounds painful. I have noticed Mercy has turned into a camp fest in either the sanctuary or the mortar, and like you said, there really isn't anything you can do it about seeing as how they have the Digger covered and you have to get semi close to lob grenades.

This is my story every time i play blood drive

You cryin'?

^ lol douchebag

i was beyond disgusted. probably the largest scrub-display of camping i've ever seen in a video game.

btw mark, *mortar

blame the man up rule. sometimes teams camp having only 1 or 2 kills as advantage epic needs to make it so that whole team needs to get obliterated before the match is done not support the abusing of a slight advantage.

Blood drive is the WORST on ranked for camping I wish there was a way to take it out of the map selection. I haven't had that problem with Mercy yet but that too is a map where you need to control a certain area to win : /

I can sympathise... last night had a game on Checkout, the other team ended up basically staying in the kitchens area all game long and grabbing the frags to plant, leaving us (the other team) to try and Boltok/Sniper/Digger them out of the area. The first two rounds were stalemated (sudden death), and then we won the next two rounds as we decided to just hold back once we got a life lead. To cap it all off, one f'tard on the other side once the game was over, accused US of being campers! Probably because he wanted us to rush in and get shotgunned by him all day long. Guy had a mental defect there. He also went off on one at me because I insisted on using rifles to shoot him instead of coming closer...

Yep. Blood Drive is definately another bad one.

@N1NJA: Oh thank ya!

the trick is especially in mercy if you have a few others just throw like 3 smokes it works all the time but you have to have others willing to do it becuz that many smokes eliminates the ability to see even through tac com

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