The Witcher 2 or....

The Witcher 2 or Max Payne 3

I really love RPG games, and this game is supposed to be really good.

or, Max Payne? I love Rockstar games, they are very fun, and have good stories.


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Your in the witcher forum so im gonna say witcher.  These games you cant compare at all so its not about which is better.  Its more about what your in the mood for.  Max Payne now has online which looks quite fun it also has modes you unlock after you beat SP.  So it has a lot of replayability.  While witcher is just SP but does have different paths you can take and different skill trees to explore.  I personally picked the witcher to get. I didnt have money for skyrim still havent played it. .Mass effect 3 felt like an action game with dialogue options so the witcher gave me that rpg fix I needed.

They're both awesome. Max Payne 3 is more action packed,but TW2 has a better story. Voice acting in TW2 is ok. People act like it's great, but Geralt and Triss are both lousy. Very monotone. Max Paynes voice acting is incredible and the story is pretty good too. Both are great games so you can't go wrong.


Thanks guys. You made it harder for me to choose! :)

^^ lol. Are you in the mood for action packed sp and mp or a good story rpg that takes a little while before it picks up?


I'm interested in a story that will keep me playing, and an okay MP.

Well then get MP3. It has an awesome story and great acting. I mean really good acting. It has mp and TW2 doesn't other than leaderboards.