The walking dead : Survival Instincts thoughts

Share here your thoughts about the game if you did play it . .


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Looks and plays like trash


I forgot to mention no spoilers but thanks for share the vid. I would like to know how long is the campaign ? How fun is the gameplay ? etc

Woops my bad for not mentioning it before.


I found a review online over here

It isn't too bad. I've only completed the first mission so far. The graphics aren't the best, but I don't judge games just based off that. I'll probably play a little more once I stop playing Gears of War: Judgement.

Meh... Doesn't look all that great. Looks very similar to WarZ though.

Hey Louie how's Gears of War Judgement?

I like what i read in the review Dani posted that the game from the very begining focus on survival. Sounds like no firearms from start like in  Dead Island . My only gripe are the spoilers of the "reviewer" LOL.

Im enjoying it. It has a lot of cool ideas that arent fully fleshed out. Like you can send out any survivors you get with weapons to look for things (food, fuel ect.) at certain destinations. But you never see them during that lvl and only get a recap with success or they died (so far).

Seems very old school in the gameplay and lvl design (which are lvls made to seem like sandboxes). Tedious car moving if you run into a roadblock. Pretty easy to sneak up to execute from behind or distract with flares and bottles. Pretty repetitive combat wise as melee seems to be the way to go as..........

Had a few zombies in a door way and used the shotgun (loading screen warning about firearms attracting walkers) to clear the way and next thing I know im being chased by like 20 closing doors behind me to try and regroup to see them bust through and devour me. That last door lead to a dead end literally.

In the extras menu it show you can unlock game mods such as silenced weapons, stronger melee among others (8 total I think) that seem to be tied to either finishing the game or finishing with certain survivors.

Im pretty happy with the purchase but im a huge zombie anything fan so its easy for me to overlook some of the faults.

These are just intial impressions and im about 2-3 hrs in (i like playing stealthy so its taking longer) but id probably recommend this at $20-$30 range so far.

Sorry about the block damn thing.

The send survivors for resources is really a good idea, although i read are very weak so can die easy. Can you equip them like in Dead Rising ? I don't have problems with old gameplay i miss sometimes that feeling in games .

You can equip them with a weapon and it tells you what they prefer and also shows the risk % of what their going after. But if they die obviosly you lose whatever you gave them.

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