The Walking Dead Refund


I have been waiting to buy "The Walking Dead", which hasn't so far been available for Xbox 360 in New Zealand. Today I noticed it was available at this link:

The "full game" is advertised for 400 Microsoft points. After purchasing the game, downloading it to my Xbox, and running it, I noticed that it was only episode one (of the five episodes that make up the full game).

I went back to the page I linked just before, and opened the description to see that it is indeed only the first episode that I bought. I also see that there is a "no refunds" policy.

I would like to ask that an exception be made in this case, as I think it's misleading to call it the full game when it is only the first episode of five.

I don't want to pay 1600 more Microsoft points to get the rest of the game, and I also don't want to keep the first episode because it's not worth having only a small part of the full game.

So would it be possible to arrange a refund and a "return" of the downloaded game?

Thank you


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