The U.S.S. Clan

The 'Umbrella Special-ops Squadron' is an elite special forces clan operated by me. We are currently in the process of looking for new members. Males and Females are welcome to join us.  Our goal as a clan is to bring tactics and team work to Call of Duty. Thats all there is too it. Please state what kind of weapon class you have to determine what type of troop you will become..

(Assualt Troop - Carrying Assualt Rifles/LMGs/SMGs as your primary weapon

Tactical Troop - Carrying a Shotgun as your primary weapon

Sniper - Carrying a Sniper Rifle as your primary weapon)


IMPORTANT: **Requirements to Join**

*Must be 15 or Older to join

*Must be a full-time gamer in Call of Duty

*Must have an account on Call of Duty: Elite (So I can send recruits an invite)

*Players with Headsets or no Headsets are ok to join

*State your weapon class type (****,Tactical, or Sniper)




Go ahead and add me so I can send you an invite to the clan. If you want to search for our clan on CoD: Elite just type in (copy and paste): The U.S.S.

We also have our very own channel on Youtube: 

Comment and subscribe to our channel and watch our cool videos that I'll be posting every weekend! =]

Im hoping to meet many diffrent people in this expierience of forming this clan.

So please come and join the USS now!


'Failure is NOT an option..' - The U.S.S.


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Sorry but, No

Out of all the game series you could have jeopardized... Why Resident Evil?

Umm... whats so bad about my clan guys??

Well for one thing it is in the tottally wrong forum. try posting it in the clan discussion forum:


And stay in that forum!!!!!!!

I already posted one in the clan forum...

How am I posting this clan on the wrong forum?? It is MW3 related.


Please read this announcment thread:

To make it simple, the clan section of the forums is for clan recruiting

Ok guys! I'll go there...