the update erased almost everything

Today the update erased my on going games as well. What can I do? Is it permanent? My points are still there but the rest just disappeared. Is there a way to get them back?

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A second update has been released that fixes most of the losses, played games are gone, but in progress games and stats are back, those who waited can also safely update without lost data. Microsoft really needs to catch this stuff BEFORE the update goes live... I've had all my farm frenzy progress wiped too and no fix was put out for that.

Can't rematch my friends. The program goes straight to email when I try to rematch with friends? Any of you see this too?

The second update should have returned all your previous games. There may be som small hiccups as your game and the servers sync back together. Sorry for any issues you hit, we hit em too, and it's been a rough couple days. Hopefully you're all playing again.