The underpowered and those who love them

DISCLAIMER for "those people": nothing is ever OP or UP. We just don't know how to use them. Thanks for the input. . What guns or attachments / perks / equipment etc. do you like which many would consider underpowered or awkward ? . Good rule of thumb is if you don't see it much, its probably not OP. . Examples, for me, are the EOtech (no benefit over reflex, with a thick contour obscuring the sight line) , ACOG (zooms in so less peripherals, and the sight blocks your sight) , executioner (poor range) , crossbow (awkward and delayed)


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^^^add "this forum " to the list for its lack of mobile interface.  Argh.


an easy one for me is the crossbow ... its awkward because of the projectile flight time and delayed explosive.  Its easy to miss or die even after you hit them...


however its great with tribolt when used peremptively against just about any headglicher. Just aim at a window a little higher than usual then as soon as someone peaks out... fire! Also great at the beginning of rounds where you know people will sprint to to get first blood. :)


Hardwired is UP,Also Awareness.Can't think of anymore.

Maybe bc I am trying to get gold for it I think the m27 is a little u.p. also have to agree with awareness being underpowered...

M27 is a pain, its just too weak. I played with it when I had a good connection and won every fight .... made me fall in love but now I've had to retire that class. Fun but it just takes too long to take people out.


also consider things like the rocker or smileyface sight.... I must be showing my age because these fancy sights just muck everything up for me. I can't see what's going once I start shooting.

I never use those dumb sights just the a dot or even the blue circle I use..

The KSG for me is my favorite "not used very much" weapon. Still have it as my most used weapon with almost 10k kills with it.

Had diamond specials, secondaries and launchers.  Executioner is my favorite weapon in the game.  Long barrel w/fast mags is the only way to go now that they nerfed akimbo.  I enjoyed camping in search with 2 claymores, my shield planted in the ground, popping my head up with my diamond crossbow dual band w/ tri bolt.  People get angry when you kill them with the executioner or the crossbow.  They usually try and say it's  I never fell in love with any of the smg/lmg/ar's.  If I had to choose one I'd go with the msmc quick draw, silenced...but it is OP.

Let's see, I would run:

Chicom w/EOTech

Executioner w/Reflex Sight


Smoke Grenade



Extreme Conditioning




Ballista. Don't see it much then again I only play ffa. I'm really bad with it but fun to use with ironsights like it's a sort of bold action ar.

For me cod has reached that point where the mainstream guns are so easy and thus lackluster and ungratifying that they almost make you want to avoid them. They can still be fun but using anything that just takes that bit more, adds a lot more for me nowadays.


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