The true master race!

Argonians are the true master race!


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Want to give an explanation as to why you feel this way? I plan on making a Nord at first but I might end up being an Argonian because of the vampire annoyance (that's if argonians still have the poison resistance racial. Still be nice to know why you see it this way.

Nords are teh bestest.

I don't know why I keep saying poison resistance but I mean DISEASE. lol

Argonians have always had some of the best base abilities of any race. I either choose them or a Breton for the bonus magicka.

Your inferior Argonians are no match to my Khaijiit powuhs. Obviously a Khaijiit is superior for easier Golding via bar fights and seeing in the dark. Oh, and tails. Epic tails.


Fear the Khaijiit....

you argonian monsters will pay for what you did to morrowind!

-yours sincerely a Dunmer

Breathing underwater, regenerates health twice as fast, resists poisons. Need I say more ? :)

Is a wood elf any good? That's what I chose for my first character.

Argonians make the most sense to be a dragonborn, breathe underwater, disease resistant, regenerate health faster than any other race, and they look awesome.