The terrible emblems thread :-D

Thought might give us a lol or two to brighten the place up abit.Here are a few,Please feel free to contribute or discuss any ridiculously poor ones you've seen.

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All of the bandwagon 49ers emblems before the Super Bowl.

I'm a real Resident Evil fan and, you know, I love Umbrella Corporation. There's nothing worse (okay, there is: the reportable emblems) than to see a completely messed up Umbrella logo. Like, how hard could it be to add 8 triangles without messing it all up?? /rant

PS I laughed at the "I got yo back" emblem, it was actually funny, not terrible.

i like bad emblems. they make me laugh. people who spend critical amounts of concentration for an emblem are strange

Some of those emblems I couldn't tell if they made them that way on purpose or not.

Most of those were just terrible, some were in poor taste, & a few I though weren't that bad (for example, fat Pikachu).

the one @ 1min 40 secs 


 made me  titter

Mine is a polar bear blinking in a blizzard at midnight.


I have to admit some of those bannable emblems are pretty good

better than most of the kids that just use 2 circles a rectangle and a semi circle or just  6 circles and a triangle

Finally a thread for my SpongeBob.