The Taken King is Profile Restricted

The only profile that will be allowed to access 40$ worth of content is the paying profile. It was fun Bungievision, but NO. I'm not paying 40$ a profile to play a mediocre game.  Buyer Beware.


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I won't give them more money either. Bungie still hasn't addressed this issue.

Isn't true on the One. Created a new profile last night, and got all the pre-order TTK stuff there on that account.

This would have been helpful yesterday. My husband and I share a console and he purchased it thinking we would both get the content. We share the previous DLC so why would this be any different. Well, I just spoke to xbox support and they told me that bungie removed the profile sharing option from the license agreement for the taken king. If I want to play the taken king he has to transfer the license to my account or I have to purchase it AGAIN.

Sadly I found out too late. I bought it for me and the kids, now only my account can play. And sadly, it is a rip-off for $40. I'm only buying Bungie products used at GameStop.

I wasn't aware GameStop sold used digital release titles.

Apparently the licensing  for the X1 is different than the 360. Seems 360 owners are the only ones getting the screw.  Poor form Bunigevision & M$.