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So we are a good way into this generation of console's cycle (some may argue near the end)  and we have 2 prominent (soon to be 3 with Cafe') "hardcore" gaming platforms.  Now for long while it was simple: multi-platform games performed better on the Xbox and PS3 exclusives were outstanding. However the tide has started to turn, but not in one consoles favour. More developers are tapping into the PS3's power and most of the multiplat games of late have performed better on PS3 (Homefront, Portal 2, La Noire etc) - but still more surprising to those who thought the PS3 had far graphical power then Xbox 360 when properly utlized - is the best looking console game to date by reports is Crysis 2 on the 360. So my question is this: are we in a place now where to enjoy the most out of gaming you need to own both consoles and do some research prior to each games release to decide which version to go for? or should you just pick one console, accept that both have pro's and con's and just enjoy each game without worrying about minor graphical and performance differences?


(for the record I own both the Xbox360 and the PS3.....and the Wii)


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I have never noticed a game that looks different on one console or the other, and I own both systems.  I remember people saying that FFXIII looked better on the PS3 and I noticed zero difference.  If the difference is that minute, it doesn't really matter.  BTW, Crysis 2 really does't look that good imo.  It didn't blow me away.  And the 3D was highly disappointing.

hmmm...i'd agree that Crysis 2 wasn't as spectacular as it was made out to be, but I definitely noticed a difference between the Xbox and PS3 versions of FFXIII (mainly in the cutscenes)

The graphical power between the ps3 and xbox 360 are practically identical.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

I had FFXIII in my 360 and PS3 at the same time. I switched back and forth between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. There was no difference what so ever.

Never been interested in anything Sony, from day one! More than happy with Xbox and PC!

Ha you called a console a hardcore gaming machine.

I think the cutscenes were darker on the PS3... or brighter?  Can't remember.  BTW, I need to play that game again.  Never beat it.

"Ha you called a console a hardcore gaming machine."

That's what I'm laughing about too. Can't help but laugh at all these kids getting their panties all twisted up about insignificant graphic differences between both consoles, talking as if they are huge disparities when PC's offer visuals on a completely different level. Ironic to say the least.

It has already been decided that LA Noire looks better on the 360 actually.

360 is better anyway:

controller is better

It has faster wireless.

Live is better than PSN.

360 is cheaper.

Graphics are equal.

They look as good as each other.

PS3 has bluray.

You have to pay for Xbox live.

There are more things better about the 3600 than the PS3.

in regards to the "hardcore" comments - I was differentiating between Xbox/PS3 and the more casual Wii :-)

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