The Staff of Magnus problems(guild spoilers)

So I have a concern with the staff of magnus. The item.......not the quest.

You see, I'm reading the description and it says that it ABSORBS 20 points of magicka damage, and if no magicka, absorb health.

One thing I want to know is........why does it has the word "ABSORB" when it does NOT refill your magicka nor health when using this staff???

Why not just damage health or magicka???

I have tried using this staff on a few enemies and it  doesn't seem to be all that effective on mages from what I can tell as they still be firing me with hella spells after using the entire staff's magic charge bar on them, and it doesn't seem to do any damage either from what I can see.

What is going on with this staff???

I thought it would be HELLA useful since it says ABSORBS magicka, so I'm thinking this staff could be useful for when I run out of magicka while fighting mages and take theirs down while refilling mines up, but that's not what seems to be happening.

Do any one of you get a different result when using this staff in battle??? 


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I get rid as soon as i can as dont find staffs usefull , you cant even disenchant them ~~

For some reason, the staff absorbs the magicka, and health not the character. As for absorbing magicka it does work, it is a continuous fire staff so if you only hit them with a quick jolt it won't drain much at all, but if you fire continuously and don't miss, it'll drain them empty.

And don't get rid of it if you want any of the radient quests from Tolfdir. You need it to close ruptures.

I still have it. Just wish it was useful in battle, and the STAFF absorbs the magic???............what the crap, would good would that do me!?

Idk why but I never cared for staffs.  I'm definitely a slash and hack mage.  

I used a staff occasionally early on but they were underpowered. i would carry a frost atronach staff around but the big guys hardly ever made a difference so I quit and sell them. But I never sell anything uniques. I did get rid of the quest related grand staff of charming. Apparently I had just happened on the one that was needed for Onmund's quest in the college so I gave it to Enthir and it was gone.

Thanks My Lady,

will keep it in mind next time round as have started again, didnt relise till later i needed it

But that is why this Forum is here ( for help when and if we get stuck YES????0

I use staffs a lot. I keep them for when my magicka runs low, or if its a spell that I don't have or a spell that has high magicka cost. But for now, i roll with the frost astronach staff for when I want to place a astronach very far away.