The Specialist Package ...

... is very fun to use! Has anyone else tried it?


I do admit it is very underpowered but it's much more fun to run around with all perks than playing with a laptop or crawling with the juggernaut suit. Those that haven't tried it should do so merely for the entertainment factor.


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I can't stand giving up the UAV, and I don't think more perks would help me that much. Maybe if they gave you like faster health recharge, more damage, and more health/armor I would try the specialist class more.

Yeah, it is all I use now. You also gain a ton of xp using it.

From all the video's and trailers of multiplayer the Specialist package is what I was waiting to use.


And it has lived up to everything I thought it was... it is so fun to be going around trying to get that next perk.

I tried it for a couple of matches and it was ok. I play alot of objective game types so the other two packages are more beneficial to my team.

I would probably use it more when playing FFA.

Yeah Jag, I am totally loving it.  I actually prefer it to the other packages.  Don't have to worry about pesky killstreaks and I get a couple extra perks to improve my game as I go along.  I saw you using it earlier on your live feed, you were doing work bro.

I used the specialist package earlier tonight. AKS-74u with a silencer, G18 suppressed, RPG-7, EOD Bot and explosive bandolier. It was sweet! I didn't even have superhuman perks and dominated!

I tried it for a few matches but never got all of the perks at once.