The soul stealing dance of the sword mage

I creep to the entrance of the darkest end of the excavation. My hood helps me hide in the dark as I scan the macabre scene of ancient decay and sacrifice. Bone and blood litter the floor and the altars, a Necromancer experiments here.

There she is on the third tier of the room, surrounded by coffins and corpses; I can hear her murmuring, and is that weeping?

I fall back and prepare my spells for a quick and merciless ****, this one is a rather powerful Ice mage and she is surrounded by a motionless army that she can raise within seconds. Luckily, I have two potent scrolls with me, both turn the undead and one cast a circle of healing. I move forward, silent and in the shadows, I cast a frost rune at a bottle neck between some shadowy altars. She stirs at the sound and I hide behind a pillar to regain my magicka. Silently, I dip an arrow in a paralyzing poison in the dark; she continues to search curiously. This poison will stun her for at least five seconds; enough time for me to cast one scroll.

I notch the arrow, aim; wait. I release, and it sinks into her arm; not what I aimed for but none the less she screams, contorts and falls over. I fall back behind the pillars, harness my bow and cast the first scroll, which cast a protective healing bright white circle around me and the pillar, as long as I stay in this circle for the next 3 minutes no undead can touch me and any damge I take will be repaired within seconds; I stole this scroll form some bandits; how they got it I don't know.

I can hear her cursing now, corpses bursts out of dusty coffins all around me, four instantly frozen from the frost rune. I cast another defensive spell, lightning cloak. As electricity crackles across my elven armor, undead arms reach over the circle not quite able to touch me yet close enough catch sparks from cloak; I read the second scroll, while regaining lost magicka from the cloak spell. A bane of the undead, this scroll is; a purplish hue erupts from my hands and explodes into a dome that fades outward causing many of the undead to scream and burst into flames.

With most of her minions gone it is time to face the mage, with full magicka I step out from behind the pillar, and am imediatley hit with icy spikes;I hear laughter as I fall back behind the pillar in pain, but watch as the healing effects of the circle melt the ice away and close the wounds. I smile, two can play at this, I conjure a dual fire bolt, hold it and run out from behind the pillar to the next, her deadly ice magic misses and crashes into into a smoldering moaning undead behind me turning him into a pile of ash. I fire my missile and mine does not miss. She is thrown back, I unsheath my blades as she falters, two ebonies. One enchanted with fire, the other ice.

There are three undead between me and her, and I slash the first two down and use the second as shield from her magic, I dance around the stunned undead to face her. She could have been beautiful if it weren't for her chosen profession, my lighting cloak is still abalze slightly stunning her and finishes of the ghoul behind me. She has a confused look as both ebony blades impail her, she falls to her knees and begs for mercy. I harness both blades and unsheath my soul trap dagger. I look at her with no compassion for Necromancy and slit her throat. Her soul enters my pocket, where I have safely kept a Dark Soul gem; she will be a nice addition to my collection back in Riften.

and that is just one way to play Skyrim


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What the...

was a pretty good story actually, and well written indeed.

1. Use spell to capture soul

2. Kill the target the spell is on within the time limit to capture said soul


4. profit

There's another way to play.

Awkward style of writing and what are pretty close to some serious run-on sentences, but I don't have a problem with the story itself.


bumpin, just to toot my own horn