The sniper is the n00b gun here.

There I said it. Using a gun with a one hit one kill makes you a n00b. 


Also so that I am not triple posting the forum

Should probably go in the COD BL2 thread but meh.


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it's there already


Using a sniper rifle limits your CQC ability, and causes tunnel vision so you can't see around you or check the HUD.  If you don't quickscope, it's not that much of an advantage.  Besides, everything makes you a noob if it kills someone, just cjeck out all the threads by all the other whiners that complain about noobs.  Noob is just the new name for "the guy that killed me".  ;oD

QS requires no skills whatsoever. Aim (anywhere) shoot, rinse repeat. I take care of these with my RPG which is "noob" also but so satisfying.

Quickscoping and trickshotting requires skill. Running around with shotguns and machine guns is so try hard! So just get out and tryhard in Black Ops 2. 1v1 me and see how easy it really is. LOL Sniping is for noobs.

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MW2 1v1

You use whatever class you want

I use whatever class I want

No trickshotting requires wasting time and intentionally losing a game of search and destroy by having a buddy stand perfectly still just so a 14 year old can post a video on youtube of him doing 31337 tr1(ksh0t5 after the 40th attempt that get 34 views in 2 years.