The Sith Empire, militarized yet social clan.

Hello I am DaBigestBob the leader of the Dark Order of the Sith. We are a clan like no other. We have a military heirarchy for clan battles and to solve disputes through battle. We mainly play the game Halo Reach but we do enjoy all sorts of games out there. Along with a social heirarchy to show your status within the clan. If you have any questions just send a message to me over xbox live to get started.


What we have to offer

A fun ranking system

Various forum discussions about all sorts of topics

Clan meetings and battles

Strong and solid command structure

Contests of all sorts

and the promise we will solve any and all issues.


The military is the strength of the empire and everyone has a rank that reflects skill and strategic knowledge. There are three main branches; The Sith Army, the Imperial Navy and the Royal Guard. The Sith Army is the main division and serves as the first line of the war. The Imperial Navy is the best of the best. The Royal Guard is the most loyal and serve as guards and a auxillary force for the army.


The Social ranks on the forums reflects how respected and helpful you are to the clan. Like how many months you have been part of the clan to how many members you recruit.


I hope to see some new faces and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.






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